Student Activity Books

3 volumes of integrated activity books which help students develop understanding of the world around them besides training them in early numeracy and literacy.

Milestone Books

A record to help the parents and teachers get a vivid snapshot and pattern of students’ growth in cognition, physiology social and emotional abilities.

Teacher Manuals and Training

Teacher Manuals are guides for  teachers to effectively utilize the academic time in each class so that students derive the best out of every minute they spend at school.

Curriculum based on Developmental Milestones

After understanding numerous approaches across the country followed by early childhood practitioners, PlaySpring’s approach to early childhood is based on the physiological developmental milestones of each child. It helps the teachers in the classrooms cater to every child individually by understanding the growth patterns of each of the children in their class.

Involving as many skills and senses of the child as possible

We at PlaySpring believe that any activity which children perform involving as many of their senses as possible help them tremendously in getting involved in what they do. PlaySpring’s curricular activities which are performed every day in the class ensures involvement of as many senses as possible there by honing the cognitive, social, emotional and developmental abilities of children.

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